Town of Heraklion

Heraklion named according to the legend , which says that Rea  mother of Zeus , instructed the Curetes custody of his son Zeus to save him from his father Cronus. One of the Curetes IDAIOS HERCULES goes to Olympia and organizes with his brothers a race. It was the first race in the world and the Idaios Hercules crowned the winner with a branch from a olive. Later Idaios Hercules gave his name in Heraklio. In the first Byzantine period (4nd-9nd AD) heraklio called CASTLE , name denoting a form of fortification. Heraklio is the largest city in Crete and the 4th largest city in Greece , is located approximately in the middle of the northern path of the island coast. Heraklion has the largest port in Crete as the largest airport. Heraklio Airport is known as NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS international Airport named after the most famous writer of Crete internationally.

Around the city at a glance

  1. Liberty Square :  The largest square of Heraklion the gate of St. George, the prefectural and the Archaeological Museum
  2. Street Daidalou : Shopping street in the center of Heraklion.
  3. Street Korai : The coffee town
  4. Lions or Lions Square : The Eleftherios Venizelos Square where is the Morosini fountain and the famous fountain with lions
  5. Meidani : intersection in Heraklion
  6. Fountain Bembo : a wonderful Venetian fountain next to a Turkish monument in the square Cornaro
  7. Square Cornaro : The square Erotokritos and Aretousa , the largest Cretan poet Vinsentzou Kornarou.
  8. Saint Minas : Cathedral and the patron saint of heraklion
  9. Avenue Kalokairinou : the broad walker of heraklion
  10. Basilica of St. Mark : municipal gallery in heraklion
  11. Loggia : The Venetian Loggia most elegant Venetian monument in Crete
  12. Saint Titos : Glories and imposing church of Saint Titus
  13. Street 25 August : The way such error has been established, it is the most beautiful street in Heraklion
  14. Port or Heraklio Port : Venetian port and the new port of Heraklion
  15. Castle or Rocca al Mare : Symbol of the city in Heraklion Venetian Fortress at the harbor entrance
  16. Beachfront avenue : Nightlife in Heraklion, the Benaki, the church Peter and Paul Dominican, the Natural History Museum, ‘Talos’ shopping center, the PAGKRITIO Stadium.
  17. Archaeological Museum: Located in the city center near Freedom Square. In areas presents the oldest civilization of Europe,  ” the Minoan civilization. “This museum collects artifacts of Crete within the halls are exhibited articles of Minoan palaces, houses, tombs, caves exposed a in chronological periods( from the Neolithic era to the Roman period) accordance with the place of found in Crete. There are also findings such sarcophagi of the Late Minoan Period, Minoan frescoes, statues and sculptures.
  18. Historical Museum : Located at Seafront Avenue and houses exhibits from the history of Crete.



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Crete is the largest island in Greece and the second (after Cyprus) in the Eastern Mediterranean, is an island full of contrasts and enters the heart of its visitors from the first glance.



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