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Elafonisi is a long and narrow peninsula, which often ¨ breaks ¨ the top , giving the sense of a separate island. It has joined in protected areas Natura as it is filled with sand lilies and cedars. Here are nesting endangered caretta caretta turtles and many species of rare animals is strictly forbidden to cut plants or to take with you even a bottle with sand . Either side of the peninsula formed beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise waters reminiscent exotic Caribbean landscape . At the point where it ¨breaks ¨ Peninsular water does not exceed 1 meter and with a little care you can get across even having your things . The eastern side of the beach is organized with umbrellas , showers , bars , rooms and a huge area for car parking . The road Elafonisi is narrow and full of bends but the beauty of the landscape will reimburse you . The island was once a base for pirate that his real name is ” Lafonisi ” derived from the loot that pirates hide on the island . A walk on the island definitely worth the hassle , walk up to the lighthouse located at the tip of the island where stands the church of Agia Irini.


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