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Town of Rethimno

Rethymno is the third largest city of Crete and is located on a small peninsula on the north coast of the island . It is a city with mixed influences from Venetian , East and Cretan architecture elements, which are difficult to meet someone in another area . Outside the historic center , Rethymnon is known for the longest beach in Crete. A beach 12km Filled with restaurants cafes along the promenade . On the western side of the city to the Venetian harbor and the impressive fortress ” Fortezza ” will take you back in time . Rethymno has sandy beaches , restaurants , souvenir shops , taverns , cafes , beach club, and many historical monuments . The city creates the perfect holiday destination for all ages.


1 . Fortezza : The famous Fortezza is the most prominent building in Rethymno . Built on a rock on the hill Paliokastro on the west side of town . Over the Fortezza was once ancient temple of Goddess Artemis.
2. Old Town : The Old Town is located in the center of Rethymnon with picturesque narrow streets and Venetian buildings as well . You will find many small shops with local products , souvenirs of your shopping and many traditional taverns where you can taste traditional dishes.
3. Loggia : It is an interesting Venetian monument. Built in the middle 16th century and kept in excellent condition. It was a venue of the lords and nobles in the Venetian period whereas the occupation of Rethymno Turks converted into mosques . Today houses the Municipal Library .
4. Fountain Rimondi: A Venetian monument built by the Venetian Governor RETOUR . The water of the fountain run by three lion heads . Between the two central columns there is the emblem of Rimondi.
5. Mosques :
A) Veli Pasha : Located in the district of Mastaba . Around the mosque there was a Turkish monastery from which rescued 13 consecutive cells Muslims monks.
B ) Neratzis Before mosque was the Catholic church Santa Maria. Boasting its minaret built in 1890 and impresses for its height.
C ) Kara Musa Pasha : During the Venetian monastery functioned as dedicated in the name of Saint Barbara . The Turks converted the monastery into a mosque in the name of Kara Musa Pasha .
D ) The Great Gate : The mosque was built in the early years of Ottoman rule and was devoted to the Valide Sultana , mother of Sultan who conquered the city.


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