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Discover Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the second (after Cyprus) in the Eastern Mediterranean, is an island full of contrasts and enters the heart of its visitors from the first glance. The size and the variety of deceiving the visitor who often loses the senses that it is an island. It offers more than 100 beaches to enjoy the sun and the sea. Crete is a mountainous island , which can offer you thousands trails for those who want to get in touch with nature through hiking , mountaineering and the rock climbing. You will be guided in Minoan palaces , would walk into a Roman paved admire Byzantine churches will explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses where all these comp. Find great tourist resorts offering hospitality and entertainment day and night , while a few kilometers away dozens of villages follow their own way of life by protecting the traditions , languages, customs and traditions of their homeland. Everything you desire Crete can offer it because is unique and knows how to care for them too. island-of-crete-b Check out some places in Crete you can visit per area:



  • Fragostello Fragokastello
  • Town of Chania
  • Town of Rethimno

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